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ij.start canon

Download & Install Setup

ij.start canon - Download & Install

ij.start canon is based on the computer operating system, you can download the driver directly with the link http // The driver is customizable based on your printing need. It is a complete package that contains many software applications for printing, scanning, auto-driver installation and many more. You can also follow the instruction from http //

There are several utility tools available along with the driver that helps you troubleshoot many problems with your ij.start canon printer. Click the driver download button as per the computer OS and get the driver. Before doing the canon printer setup, you need to know about it properly.

Before you plan to connect your computer with the ij.start canon printer, you need to learn about the from http // It is a way to connect the printer with the other devices by using the wireless connection. When you will make a network connection with the printer, then it can allow you to take printouts from your tablets, smartphone, laptops, and computers.

You won’t even need the USB cable for it. Isn’t it great? If you want to set up your printer in this manner, then it isn’t a difficult task. Before you plan to go ij.start canon, it is important that you know about its requirements. You need to have a router or modem at your home to do this connection and the access points should also work properly. You should have a device with an internet connection to make this setup. It can be a computer or a smartphone.

Canon IJ Setup -Canon Printer Setup Connect to Wireless Network (http //
1. is the online way to setup canon printer wirelessly, e Scan Utility gets installed along with the printer driver. If the software doesn’t download, perform the steps below.
2. Open the manufacturer site and enter the printer model.
3. Choose your operating system and the correct version from the drop-down menu.
4. Jump to the start menu and go to the Install Printers under the HY segment. You have to search for the printer miniature on the list and simply click on it.
5. Then a very crucial step which you have to focus on is to put down the number of the printer properly on the search field.
6. Hit search button.
7. In a black coloured box you will catch serial numbers. Serial number 1 will ask you for the search criteria of the printer which will include putting for instance the Canon printer number or street address, etc.
8. Thence, click on the search button for finding the printer.
9. Thence, you have to jump to the printer option which you want
10. Eventually click on the install option
11. Click the Software option and select the scan Utility software.

CD or Download software:
If you are a window user, then you need to put a CD which is given with the canon printer set to start this wireless setup. If you don’t have any CD, then you can download drivers through ij.start canon.

Choose Wireless connection For from http //”
After this, you will find out a screen on which you need to click ‘next’. The MAC users will need to type the password for it as it will install helper tool for you. You need to choose a wireless or USB connection in this case and you have to go for the wireless obviously.

Switch ON the Canon printer:
Check if the printer is switched on otherwise the set up won’t work. So, you need to power on the printer before jumping to the next step. You need to choose a cableless set up in the next option. If you are using Windows XP, then you will option as ‘other setup’ instead of the cableless setup. By choosing this option, you can go to the crucial step ahead.

For More Visit: http //


j.start canon is based on the computer operating system, you can download the driver directly with the link http //